Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Bi agenda

So I was reading earlier about the gay agenda and I started thinking. I was thinking first of all that an agenda is a plan. So what's so bad about the gay activists having a plan. Then I thought well maybe the problem is what people think our plan is. So! Here's my idea, everyone! Tell people what you Bi/Gay/Lesbian agenda is! Or whatever you are. Here's mine:
I want to become more learned
I want to finish college
I want to become a librarian
I want to have same-sex marriage
I want the Military Readiness Enchancment Act, Matthew Shepards Act, Uniting American Families Act and Safe Schools Improvement Act passed
I want a federal ENDA that includes sexual idenity and sexual perference passed
I want those boys in my school to stop outing people
and that is my Bi agenda

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coldness and gay marriage?

Other than California, which is having problems, all the states with gay marriage (or something very close to it, or getting close to gay marriage) are cold. There's New York, Vermont, Conneticut and Massachusets. Is there some kind of connection between gay marriage and cold states I wonder? I'd like to move to a state that's really good to LGBT but they all seem to be cold!

Civil Unions: Seperate yet equal?

Please. Take your BS somewhere else would you? American TRIED seperate but equal before. Remember? Back when we were going through the whole racism don't touch/do anything with someone of the other race? (I still have trouble believing adults did that. Reminds me of little kids going "She's touching me! She's touching me! MOOOOOM make her STOOOOOP!") It didn't work then, it's not working now. Now really America, here's a bit of information. When you do something and it does not work yet you continue doing it? That's called stupidity. Or on occasion machoism. Most people understand that. So why are we tring this again? C'mon. I understand that people are stupid. I do. But really did no one take history class because this is really starting to sound like "Those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it in the future" and as far as I knew, Americans really hate the idea of destiny. We want free will and all that. So, America what have we learned today? 1.seperate but equal doesn't work. 2.continuing to do something when you know it doesn't work is stupid. So the logical idea is? Stop with the Civil Union BS.