Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Bi agenda

So I was reading earlier about the gay agenda and I started thinking. I was thinking first of all that an agenda is a plan. So what's so bad about the gay activists having a plan. Then I thought well maybe the problem is what people think our plan is. So! Here's my idea, everyone! Tell people what you Bi/Gay/Lesbian agenda is! Or whatever you are. Here's mine:
I want to become more learned
I want to finish college
I want to become a librarian
I want to have same-sex marriage
I want the Military Readiness Enchancment Act, Matthew Shepards Act, Uniting American Families Act and Safe Schools Improvement Act passed
I want a federal ENDA that includes sexual idenity and sexual perference passed
I want those boys in my school to stop outing people
and that is my Bi agenda


  1. Hi Katherine!
    I was just in your state with my GF...Tulsa is beautiful.
    Hey just a reminder that Blogging for Truth starts tomorrow! Have a great Memorial Day